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Jackson Hole
John L. Lufkin, Ph.D.
Consulting Geologist
and former
Professor of Geology, Colorado School of Mines

What readers are saying about Tales of the Wyoming Open...

"After reading Tales of the Wyoming Open I wanted to get in my car, drive to Cheyenne, and play golf! John Lufkin's love of the game and, in particular, the Wyoming Open, is obvious on every page of this mesmerizing book. His ability to share parts of his life story in a straightforward, unassuming manner creates a tale not only about golf, but about people, their relationships, and what motivates them in their search for meaning. The reader gets an authentic look at how the game of golf can be 'the most wonderful and most frustrating game ever invented', just like our everyday lives on this small blue planet. Tales of the Wyoming Open is genuine and real. I recommend it for everyone searching for their own personal meaning in life and to those who love this challenging game. And, honestly, it doesn't matter whether you play golf or not because there is something for anyone who has a passion for intentional living."
Betty Lynn Ferguson, Golden, CO

"For those who play in the Wyoming Open Lufkin's book provides great reading about the course, the tournament history, and the professionals who have played. For those who seek to enjoy golf and life, they will be touched by John's love for the game -- only exceeded by the love he expresses to family and friends."
Bob Peterson, Rochester, NY

"There is a golf tournament in Cheyenne that has been running for over 50 years. A charming, touching, and interesting story has been written about it by John Lufkin. I have known John for many years as he played basketball for me at Carleton College in the early 1960s. While the body of the book deals with the players, results, and incidents of each year's tournament, it is evident that the book was written as a testament to John's love, devotion, and gratitude for his mother and the bond they shared with golf. This bond also played a major part in the close relationship with his father and his brother, Ed. He also wrote this story for his two sons, John and Nate, in the hope they would understand his passion for the game. In the book John's conscientious and introspective nature moves him to search for the one essential ingredient for success in golf. In the quest for the answer he sends out questionnaires to many of the professionals and amateurs who have played in this tournament. The answers he receives suggests there are a myriad of ingredients which contribute to success in golf, such as motivation, talent, practice, goal setting, good competition, and good fundament instruction. When he asked the Pros what their 'swing thoughts' were, the answers were both entertaining and different. However, to a man they recommend- ed only 'one swing thought per swing--more than one only leading to confusion'. There were several interesting quotes in the book by famous golf personalities. My favorite was one by Harvey Penick, who said, 'Looking up is the biggest alibi ever invented to explain a terrible shot. By the time you look up you have already made the mistake that caused the bad shot'. John's love for his family and his passion for golf and his quest for success were the obvious themes of the tale for me."
Jack Thurnblad, Retired Professor Emeritus, Athletic Director & Head Basketball Coach, Carleton College

"This book is an absolute delight. The author has participated in the Wyoming Open for many years and his historical accounts of the event, as well as an in-depth, hole-by-hole description of the Airport Golf Club in Cheyenne render the story a 'must read'. The photography is superb. But his book is not just for golfers. John has shown tenderness and compassion as he describes his experiences as a player in the Open as well as the personal ups and downs in his own life."
Ward Odom, Martinsburg, WV

"This was clearly a labor of love and an impressive accomplishment...A remarkable piece of work -- congratulations."
Bruce MacKenzie, Denver, CO


*The book, published in 2004, with 166 pages and 20 black and white photographs, is now selling at the price of $15.00, including taxes and postage. It may be obtained from Golden Publishers,, or (303) 593-0975.